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Fire systems? We cover that too.

Fire can destroy in a matter of minutes; there is no room for error when it comes to fire detection. At 1st Alert we can offer protection for every scenario, our design consultants and engineers have a wealth of experience being able to bring you a system that fits your requirements giving you cost and detection to meet your needs. We can bring you a solution that will give you the earliest possible warning enabling the premises to be evacuated and the fire services to be alerted. We can match technology to monitor and detect, meaning you operate an effective system ready for any eventuality. Our teams can offer simple zonal systems or advanced addressable computer controlled systems. Leaving you with the peace of mind that your property and personnel are protected.

Effective fire detection methods are a crucial and often legally required for your staff and building. 1st Alert offer a full range of L (life) and P (property) fire alarm systems. If you are unsure of what level or type of detection you need a 1st Alert surveyor will carry out a full risk assessment of your property. At 1st Alert we pride ourselves on our high level of installation, providing the required detection with the best possible aesthetics. Using Morley and Apollo products to compliment our level of installation means our systems are highly reliable providing one of the lowest false alarm averages in the industry. Across every type of installation 1st Alert carry out we remain truly in the hardwired (cabled) mindset. Whilst wireless is quite prevalent today it still remains unreliable for us. Using the latest test equipment and practises 1st Alert carry out periodic maintenances of every type of system. Our engineers routinely attend BAFE- endorsed training programmes to keep up to date as well as refresher training. Our 24 hour call out service is included with every maintenance contract

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Suitable for:


Not suitable for:


    Wood, Fabric, Paper

    Electrical fires, Fat fires, Flammable liquids, Gas

Electrical works are in big demand now. So bare with us a bit.

Coming soon . . .

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Security systems. Domestic and commercial.

1st Alert are approved and regularly audited by the SSAIB, the industry’s inspection body and have been installing intruder alarms since the beginning. Our 1st Alert bell boxes are enough to make a potential unwanted visitor think twice. But if they do chance their luck, our effective and reliable monitored intruder alarms will give you maximum protection. We are proud of our low false alarm rate and with police authorities providing emergency response when most needed.

We focus on wired systems and have built a reputation on high quality installations by only installing effective and reliable equipment from the leading brands. We use a comprehensive chain of anti-false alarm measures and, being an accredited company, our clients have the added bonus of premium discounts from their insurance company. With service and maintenance team 365 days a year we achieve the complete security solution for you.

Maintenance and service are a fundamental part of ensuring any security system gives optimum performance. At 1st Alert we are able to provide full technical support to ensure your peace of mind. We provide 24/7 emergency service providing technical support with attendance at site 24 hours a day, by our oncall engineers. We believe that every security system benefits from comprehensive maintenance service. Our engineers are highly trained to complete all service calls quickly and efficiently, from a basic domestic intruder alarm to a sophisticated integrated system. At 1st Alert our engineers are trained to be able to advise on any future needs on an existing security system. Our maintenance contracts are as follows:

* prices may vary

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Monitored intruder alarm:RedCare

Using RedCare as our preferred partner to provide 24 hour monitoring means our systems are among the most secure and reliable in the industry. Our RedCare monitoring for domestic and commercial premises comes in three main variants:

RedCare Secure 2 (for a grade 2 risk)
RedCare Secure 3 (for a grade 3 risk)
RedCare GSM (for an enhanced grade 3 or grade 4 system)

All of the above benefit from dual path which means two separate routes are used to signal alarms to the alarm receiving centre (ARC) so if one path becomes faulty, the second path will take over.
For sites without a phone line a 4th option is available ‘RedCare Solo’, providing single path transmission over the GSM network.

Monitored intruder alarm: DigiCom

For low risk, predominantly domestic premises, a digital communicator can be used to transmit alarm signals to an ARC.
A DigiCom uses your existing phone line as its own path. A test signal is sent at 24 hour intervals to confirm the line is connected. Whilst less reliable (depending on your phone line) the DigiCom is cheaper to monitor than RedCare.


CCTV surveillance is about safe guarding the best interests of business and society. It gives us the foresight to stop problems at the source and it allows you to keep a watchful eye on your organization’s operations.The advance in information allows us to provide response to any potential problems.
CCTV is a growing industry with commercial and domestic premises recognising the benefits it can bring, as part of a 24 hour monitored system or stand-alone.
1st Alert continue to maintain and monitor conventional CCTV but now only install HD CCTV, which offers our clients 1080p images for a clearer view. We are strongly investing in 4K CCTV delivering exceptional picture quality even when the images are zoomed in. Connecting to a client’s existing network not only reduces installation costs but also provides them with remote access via smart phones and tablets.

Monitored CCTV.

1st Alert monitored alarms cannot be ignored. Our alarm systems are connected to our alarm receiving center (ARC) via the mobile phone network and landlines. Sending report of an intruder or fire and notifying key holders, police and the fire brigade. 24hrs a day, 365 days a year your alarm will be monitored by our category II ARC. Within seconds your activation is handled and dealt with appropriately. Utilizing external motion detectors, microphones and speakers, your CCTV system can be remotely monitored, the potential intruders warned off your premises and police alerted to site.
With technology advancing ahead CCTV can be a cost effective deterrent for internal and external crime. CCTV security systems can dramatically minimise overheads, allowing staff peace of mind and the ability to detect theft/damage in any environment. From covert cameras to a full IP networked system we can offer practical solutions to meet your needs and legal requirements. 1st Alert engineers are on hand to deal with emergency call outs and routine system servicing.

Access Control.

1st Alert provides Access Control for every situation, utilising the leading products in which this expanding industry has to offer. Identity confirmation is essential to safeguard your personnel and premises from unwanted visitors.
With basic keypads advanced fingerprint readers or microchip tags we can provide all manner of maximum security systems. PC based systems can provide detailed accounts of all area's and access to your premises.
The effectiveness of these solutions goes even further with photo badging and multi technology cards. These can be used in cashless vending situations incorporating security with personnel. When it comes to high security 'limited access areas' we can offer biometric solutions coupled with proximity, swipe and smart cards. Our design consultants are equipped to incorporate any system to ensure you receive all the benefits of optimum security.


At 1st Alert we can provide an advanced solution to your voice communication needs. We are increasingly supplying PA/VA systems to quickly detect any fire and evacuate the area in an emergency. It has been found that the use of both speech and tone achieves a far greater response, it also allows information and procedures to be communicated to personnel or public at any time. The most common application occurs where buildings have many visitors who are unfamiliar with fire and security procedures, it can instruct calmly and safely.

Cleaning.We are now introducing professional cleaning.

1st Alert offers personalised services keeping the same cleaner every time. We are SIA registered keyholders, insured against loss of keys, extensively insured for public liability and security vetted.

Our prices are as follows:
£11.00/hr when we use your cleaning supplies
£12.50/hr when we use our cleaning supplies

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